Betty Hsu Steaming Baos

Sweet Auburn Barbecue’s mother, Betty Hsu, steaming up some delicious baos!

Betty Hsu, mother of restaurant owners Howard and Anita Hsu, has been making baos for years. Her recipe has been handed down to her by her mother, and cherished by Atlanta restaurants.

Betty Hsu has owned her own restaurants in Georgia, starting from the early nineties, that featured this specialty. Her restaurants included several locations of Hunan Village and Pacific Spice. She has often featured her homemade baos and dumplings in food festivals, where all the locals know her as “Mama Hsu.”

Son Howard Hsu owns Atlanta favorite Sweet Auburn Barbecue, and his mother, Betty Hsu, often makes her homemade steamed baos as a restaurant special. Check out Sweet Auburn Barbecue’s facebook feed for information on when you can get these delicious baos.